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Want To Sleep In This Weekend? Here Is Some Good News
Isn't it great when a scientific study justifies what you were going to do anyway? If were planning on sleeping in this weekend, then a study just published Journal of Sleep Research may help you sleep even better. Previous studies have shown a ...
Sleeping In on the Weekends Could Help You Live LongerTravel+Leisure
Sleeping in at the weekend could add years to your lifeMarketWatch
Sleeping in on the weekend can compensate for lost sleep, study saysDetroit Free Press
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The new sleep tech tested: from gravity blankets to anti-snoring gadgets
Sleep entrepreneurs wish to sell us trackers to monitor our downtime. There are peddling sleep aid apps, hi-tech blankets, smart mattresses, anti-snoring devices and even a sleep robot that you cuddle to help you get to sleep quicker and stay asleep ...


Your Tablet and Smartphone Is Ruining Your Sleep - WebMD
It wasn't just that light from electronic devices suppressed their secretion of melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone, study author Jeanne Duffy said.
Leave Tablets, Smartphones Out of the Bedroom for Better SleepU.S. News & World Report

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Weekend lie-ins could help avoid early death: study
Many people complain they do not get enough sleep, and it seems they are right to be concerned. Researchers have found that adults under the age of 65 who get five or fewer hours of sleep for seven days a week have a higher risk of death than those who ...
Scientists find weekend lie-ins do make up for midweek sleep

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Washington Post

Sleeping in on the weekends can compensate for lack of sleep during the week, study suggests
Washington Post
Sleeping in on a day off feels marvelous, especially for those of us who don't get nearly enough rest during the workweek. But are the extra weekend winks worth it? It's a question that psychologist Torbjorn Akerstedt, director of the Stress Research ...
Sleeping In on the Weekend Might Actually Be Good For
Sleep in this weekend -- you may live longer - CNN - CNN.comCNN
Sleeping in on the weekend might be good for you, but it's not going to fix all your problemsPopular Science
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Digital Trends

The Dreem Sleep Headset Gave Us Nightmares | Digital Trends
Digital Trends
If you're one of the 60 million Americans who have a sleep disorder, you're probably willing to try anything to get a bit of shut eye. And while you may have ...
The Dreem headset promised to improve our sleep, but it was a nightmareWBRC FOX6 News -

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Organic Authority

Orthosomnia is the New Sleep Disorder You Need to Know About
Organic Authority
Are you obsessed with getting the perfect night's sleep to the point where you're tracking your quality of ZZZs? Then you might suffer from a new sleep disorder called orthosomnia. The word orthosomnia stems from “ortho” meaning straight or correct ...

The Guardian

Elena Ferrante: 'At 30, I began taking sleeping pills, but slept only four hours a night'
The Guardian
Reading led me to a state of overexcitement: usually, one reads a few pages to fall asleep more easily, but the more I read, the more sleep passed me by. And it wasn't a question of the quality of the books. Mediocre books, great books, novels, essays ...

Concord Monitor

'Miles to go before I sleep' – Robert Frost museum reopens
Concord Monitor
The first line of Stopping By Woods – “Whose woods these are I think I know” – and the final, haunting line, “And miles to go before I sleep” – are instantly familiar to millions of Americans. Frost bought the Dutch Colonial stone house built in 1769 ...

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Author Q and A: Democracy will die, maybe in its sleep Press
David Runciman, a professor of politics at Cambridge University, is one of the more compelling analysts in the expanding field of democratic decline. His last book, “The Confidence Trap,” which was published in 2013, took the measure of democracy as ...

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